art drugs




" The sense of being present in our own bodies is tantamount to an observation that reflects our place in the whole world. The world is site specific to the body's art. Art Drugs contradict the prevailing notion that interiority is a configuration of mind subject to the senses. The question of interiority is extended to encompass the effects of diet assimilation on the whole metabolism of the body. When the art drug enters the body through intestines and blood, its order of meaning operates on a signal level that engages directly with chemical process's in the body. Meaning is the sum of all processes, a distillation of utter presence of mind that encapsulates body."

"The drug acts like a punctuation mark, a pause point in life's sentence. Its unassuming presence is deceptive, the pill's slight composition takes on a halting quality in that its material reality is the culminating point of all progress that brings us before it. Taking it was to be immersed in the world."

Willy Le Maitre